ANKY® Trense -Weymouth Bridle Comfort Fit ATH22001

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ANKY® Weymouth Bridle Comfort Fit ATH22001

Are you and your horse ready to ride with a Weymouth bridle? This anatomical bridle made of high-quality English leather stays beautiful for a long time, fits perfectly on the horse's head and is equipped with all comforts.

Product features:
The headpiece and noseband are both softly padded for optimal comfort and good pressure distribution. The noseband contains 10 mm padding and is covered with patent leather on the outside. The gun metal-coloured buckles have a protective flap where the buckle touches the horse's head. The slightly curved browband is fashionably inlaid with shiny Stellux™ imitation diamonds in sturdy, silver-coloured cups. Includes leather and rubber reins.

Farben: schwarz - schwarz/weiß

Größen: Cob - Full