ANKY® Horse Boots Neoprene ATB22009

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ANKY® Horse Boots Neoprene ATB22009


The ANKY® Neoprene Boots are specially designed to protect the leg during training. The 5 mm thick neoprene lining ensures that heat and moisture are dissipated quickly, preventing injuries from overheating and allowing your horse to train comfortably and unhindered.

Product features:
The neoprene lining has good heat and moisture wicking qualities and absorbs shocks. The protector contains Velcro that is attached to an elastic band, making it easy to fit; a perfect fit for every horse. The Velcro is optimized and therefore extra durable. Available in sets of 2.

Made from 100% polyester.

Washing instructions:
Machine washable up to 30 °
Close all Velcro fasteners
Do not tumble dry

Size (S) Pony/Cob front legs
Size M: Pony/Cob hind legs / Full front legs
Size L: Full hind legs / Extra Full front legs
Size XL: Extra Full hind legs

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